To the Highty Tighty Alunmi Website. Organized and incorporated in 1975, The Highty Tighty Alumni are dedicated to the support and advancement of the Virginia Tech Regimental Band

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Homecoming 2015

Homecoming 2015 is set for October 23-24 -- Virginia Tech vs. Duke University. Our homecoming page is not current yet but here is a link to the registration link at Stay tuned for updates.

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One of the most important items remains our database where we try to keep track of all or our memebers. You are encouraged to check your class roster, make corrections as needed and let us know about any problems you run into. You can email any boardmember using the Board of Directors page. The newsletter is also available here in PDF format. Please note that dial up internet access is very slow on that link. Please check back periodically for updates on Band activities and important issues concerning our organization. We will alert you to new items that need your attention with the blue text scroller in the upper right corner of this screen. Please let us know about any questions or comments you might have about the website by contacting George McMichael.